Anti-Bullying Training :


Administrators will receive training to identify bullying in their schools and to assist in creating a positive climate for all students. An examination on the effects of school climate on the ability of students to learn, and for teachers to teach, will be discussed. Real world examples of both positive and negative situations will be used to illustrate the topic.


Students will receive training that includes the definition and examples of bullying behavior and will answer questions such as: How does bullying make a person feel? Why do people bully? What can you do if you think you are being bullied?  How do you help someone who is being bullied?


Adult Sexual Misconduct in Schools – Prevention and Management Training

Definition and forms of sexual harassment will be addressed along with reporting rights and requirements. At the end of this training, participants will be able to identify behaviors that are considered red flags of sexual exploitation. They will know where to find more information on how to handle suspicious behavior and understand their responsibility to report it. The District Administration will know what procedures and policies are necessary to respond to adult sexual misconduct in schools.


End of Year Safety Program for Graduating Seniors

This powerful program is offered either in an assembly or a classroom setting. It is designed to give graduating seniors information to help them to prepare for their future endeavors by identifying current trends and destructive behaviors. The program has been well received by students, teachers and parents/guardians.